Vince Kane + the Polymorphics are not an oldies group, they are not a human-powered jukebox, they don’t play classical music and they don’t play too quietly. Vince Kane + the Polymorphics are a Rock and Roll group of 2019, and their interpretations of songs breathe, live and make even the killjoys dance.

The quartette consists of Vince Kane, Mike Upchurch, Scott Duncan, and Vinnie Shoenfelder. Vince, the lead singer and guitarist, is an orator whose thin frame and style commands center stage. Vinnie, the other guitarist, plays with such a steady hand that his sound is as artful as a surgeon performing a double bypass. Scott is bass guitar and the acknowledged funkiest of the group, and Mike is the drummer whose pulsating playing launches the throbbing sound of the band.

The band hails from Richmond, VA, and practices in a space in between an aquarium and a biker bar. And Vince Kane + the Polymorphics are a little of each. Their sound is not unlike the steady rumble of an idling motorcycle or the spectacle of an exotic fish.