Day 10: Luke

Luke turned and elbowed me. "This bird here won't come back. I tip her two out of three times and now she won't come back," he said. In the sound of the bar, I couldn't tell if his accent was a put-on, but it very quickly became apparent it was no act. I shrugged. "Do I have to give her a dollar every single time she opens a can? Let me back there and I'll do it for free." He laughed. I told him I didn't know and asked where he was from. "Australia. Adelaide to be exact." 

"Where is that? I know someone from Sydney?" I asked

"Oh yeah, Sydney is a rad town. Adelaide isn't bad, but you really got to know where to look for a good time, you know?" At this point, Luke's friend came over and asked about the status of his beer. Luke told him the same story he told me. Then after asking me to decide which of them was better dressed (it was very close, but I had to give it to Luke) they thought I might have better luck and gave me the money to buy their drinks. I didn't mind, but it did take awhile. I nearly missed the band. They invited me to join them after the bar to hang and when I ran into them after the concert Luke gave me a hug.